Reasons I love Idaho January 23, 2021

Reasons I Love Idaho – #1 Ridge To River Trails

About this time every year, I start to miss these beautiful trails I get so much from during the year. Most people from Idaho know, you don’t use the trails in the winter months.  Using the trails in the winter months, while muddy, can cause damage.  So it is widely known, hiking in the winter months is a NO NO!  So as I dream of my next trail run, I am biding my time running through my neighborhood with my dog Tank.

If you don’t know anything about the Ridge to Rivers trails, it is a network of roads and trails that courses through the foothills, connecting not only neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with nature.  There are over 190 miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners and even dogs as long as they follow the rules.

Living in Idaho my entire life, I have always lived near these trails.  They have been my escape from daily life, been my solace in difficult days and been a place of peace where I can take in the beauty of the place I love so much.

I look forward to running in to you on the trails.  To learn more about the Ridge to Rivers trails, click HERE.