Reasons I love Idaho March 22, 2021

Things I love about Idaho #2 Whitewater Rafting


Summer in Idaho is almost here.  That means it is time to plan my family’s annual whitewater rafting trip. This has become a tradition and a great way for our family to bond without the distractions of work and staring at screens.  With 4 teens, finding an activity we all align on is nearly impossible.  This has been one activity that our family can all agree on.

Cabarton Run on the Payette River with my family

Cabarton Run North Fork Payette River


I love whitewater rafting because it is exhilarating and peaceful at the same time. In one moment, the family is navigating Class III and IV rapids.  In another moment, we lazily float the river surrounded by nature’s beauty.  The sun is shining on us and the air is crisp adding to the atmosphere of freedom and relaxation.

Staircase Run South Fork Payette River


This is one of my favorite family adventures.  I am so grateful to live in a state where adventures like these are around every corner.

Just another reason I love Idaho.